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Special Coffee

Our coffee beans are grown in select regions around the world, and are harvested and processed by independent farmers, with crop sizes ranging in size from an average home, to multiple football stadiums. The coffee directors from our roaster partners, Transcend, Phil & Sebastian, and Bows & Arrows survey these farms for the best quality coffee beans. This is called ‘direct trade coffee’, as the roasters are able to work directly with growers and pay at times three times more than ‘fair trade coffee’. The entire purchase price for beans is given straight to the farmer instead of of a portion going to the ‘fair trade’ label. This allows for accountable and consistent quality since the beans are directly traceable, and farmers are payed based on quality of the bean.The directors then bring purchased beans directly to their roasteries in order to roast the fresh green beans and bring our their best characteristics. The beans are then sorted, packaged and shipped directly to our establishment.Upon delivery we allow the coffee beans degas for five days (degassing a release of CO2 trapped during the roasting process). For the ten days following the degassing process our baristas use these carefully curated beans to expertly brew the best coffee you will ever taste using ~ the one and only ‘La Marzocco Strada EP’ in Edmonton.


Espresso will be subjective to flavour notes we consider match our standards. Ask your barista for more details


$ 30,00


$ 23,33


$ 30,00